Foreclosure in the News

Posted On Title
Sep 30 2014 Flagstar must pay millions to foreclosure victims
Jul 1 2014 HAMP to be extended until December 2016
Jul 1 2014 Detroit Needs Residents, but Sends Some Packing
Jan 16 2014 How the Legislature Hurt Michigan Homeowners
Apr 27 2012 MFTF Launches Innovative Foreclosure Tool
Feb 8 2012 Schuette Joins 40 AGs In Foreclosure Settlement To Help Housing Crisis; Banks To Pay About A Half-Billion Dollars To Assist Michigan Citizens
Feb 8 2012 Treasury Announces HAMP Extension and Expansion
Jan 11 2012 Unemployed With Mortgage Trouble? Freddie, Fannie to Expand Help
Dec 2 2011 GSEs Announce Foreclosure Moratorium for the Holidays
Oct 25 2011 Ingham Co. aiding homeowners in legal battles over foreclosures - Lansing State Journal, 10/25/11
Sep 2 2011 Litton sold to Ocwen - Press release from FRB
Sep 1 2011 Guest commentary: Extend Michigan law to save homes - Free Press
Aug 3 2011 Bill Introduced to Support Foreclosure Rentals, DS News, 8/1/11
May 10 2011 Probe launched in case of possible mortgage fraud
May 9 2011 Exactly how is evicting people sooner good policy? Op-Ed by MFPP member Tracie Coffman
May 6 2011 Funds for housing counseling shouldn’t be cut - from the Washington Post
May 5 2011 Foreclosure Fraud Operation Uncovered At Detroit Law Firm With Ties To MI GOP
May 5 2011 Regulatory Actions Related to Foreclosure Activities by Large Servicers and Practical Implications for Community Banks
Apr 26 2011 FBI investigating possible mortgage fraud in Ingham County
Apr 20 2011 Owner, worker at Precise Mortgage in Grand Rapids plead guilty to fraud
Apr 14 2011 OCC clamps down on foreclosure process
Mar 16 2011 Grand Rapids: Marshall Redder is due in court Wednesday on charges he deceived tenants
Feb 28 2011 Michigan Foreclosures-by-Advertising Catch Homeowners Off Guard
Feb 22 2011 MFPP Director Lorray Brown discusses Foreclosure on Michigan Radio
Feb 18 2011 Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program Event to be held at Masonic Temple
Feb 18 2011 Philadelphia Man Forecloses On Wells Fargo
Feb 15 2011 FTC's Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Advance Fee Ban Takes Effect
Feb 3 2011 Foreclosed Homeowners Go to Court on Their Own
Jan 24 2011 Fed Abandons Plan to Curb Borrower Rights to Rescind Mortgages
Jan 24 2011 Coalition saves 150 homes from tax auction block with $194,000
Jan 24 2011 Fannie Mae Delays Foreclosures 45 Days for Hardest Hit Fund Programs
Jan 10 2011 Online Portal for Hardest Hit Funds Coming in February 2011